Payment and General Terms


  1. The first planned appointment, further referred to as the (“Intake”) will be provided at no cost. The purpose of this appointment is purely for the collection of information regarding the problems experienced by the client and for the client to get to know the therapist.
  2. After the Intake has taken place the client can decide whether they would like to plan a further appointment(s) to discuss the outcomes of the Intake and start the therapy process.
  3. Advice will only be given during the free Intake if; a) the problems discussed are seen as too complicated or severe to treat by the therapist; b) the main problem experienced requires specialist therapy for which the therapist currently has no training (eg. EMDR therapy for trauma related problems).
  4. The Intake can be carried out while walking or via Skype (or over the telephone if Skype is unavailable due to technical reasons) at an agreed time and date.
  5. Clients are entitled to one free Intake appointment within a 365 day period.


  1. Sessions can be paid for in cash after each appointment or via electronic bank transfer (which is the preferred option).
  2. Sessions will be invoiced via e-mail after each appointment and are expected to be paid in full before the following session takes place, unless otherwise agreed. Bank details for Inter-Active Therapy are included on the provided invoices.
  3. A session that starts late due to an error on the therapists behalf will be compensated for (extra time allotted to current or next appointment).
  4. A session that starts late due to an error on the clients behalf will not be compensated for (the session will be charged at full rate regardless of how long the session lasts).
  5. Cancellation of an appointment must be received in writing (SMS or E-mail are acceptable) at least 24 hours in advance. Cancellation less than 24 hours before the appointment is due to take place will be charged at 50% of the session rate.
  6. Failure to appear at an earlier confirmed appointment that the therapist has travelled to honour will be charged at 100% of the session rate. If the missed session is held outside 15km of Amsterdam travel costs will also be invoiced.
  7. A client that misses their organized free Intake without notifying the therapist of their absence will not be entitled to another free Intake appointment and will have to pay the full rate for a standard appointment in which the Intake will be carried out.


  1. Walking therapy sessions may be rescheduled or converted to a Skype contact due to adverse or dangerous weather conditions, or in situations where travel to a location may be hindered due to public transport issues. Decisions on these matters will be discussed and agreed by therapist and client before an outcome is decided.
  2. Aggression directed towards the therapist by the client (or known associate of the client) will not be tolerated. Displays of aggressive behaviour or the making of verbal threats during a session can result in termination of the session, termination of the therapy relationship and if deemed necessary may be reported to the police.
  3. Sessions can be cancelled if a client is under the influence of a substance such as alcohol, cannabis or something similar. These sessions will be fully invoiced with payment expected before the following session takes place.